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Laryngoscope Blades

Carnegie laryngoscope system has been designed by keeping the most demanding anesthetists in mind. You will find here a comprehensive range of both green systems and conventional laryngoscopes blades in straight, curved, “flexible tip” and pediatric patterns.

These Laryngoscopes Blades combine surgical steel flaps for the right feel with plastics for cost-effectiveness. Intubating small children can be challenging. For the pediatric anesthetist, we offer new blades which are small and straight, yet have flexible tips to help during difficult intubations

As a manufacturer, our laryngoscope blades are durable and long-lasting. In addition, they meet or exceed industry standards for quality while still being cost-effective. We have a large selection of laryngoscope blades so you can find what’s best for your needs!

laryngoscope blades

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