Ear Nasal & Polypus Forceps

Ear, Nasal, and Polypus forceps are specialized surgical instruments used by ENT specialists for procedures involving the ear and nasal passages. They are designed to grip and manipulate tissues or foreign objects during examinations or surgeries.

Ear Forceps have curved jaws that delicately grasp and manipulate tissues or objects within the ear canal. They are used for tasks such as removing earwax or foreign bodies from the ear, as well as during middle ear surgeries.

Nasal Forceps designed for procedures in the nasal cavity, nasal forceps come in different shapes and sizes, including straight or angled jaws, to reach various nasal areas. They are used for tissue manipulation, inserting, or removing nasal packing, and retrieving foreign bodies.Read More

Ear Nasal & Polypus Forceps
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