Ear Needles Picks & Hooks

Ear needles, picks, and hooks are specialized instruments used in otology for various procedures involving the ear. These instruments are designed to provide precise manipulation and access to delicate structures within the ear. Here’s some information about each of these instruments:

Ear needles are fine, slender instruments with sharp or tapered tips. They are used for tasks such as puncturing or incising the skin, removing small foreign bodies, or performing minor surgical procedures in the ear. Ear needles require skill and precision to ensure safe and accurate use.

Ear picks, also known as curettes or scoops, have a slender, curved shape with a small spoon-like or looped tip. They are used to gently scrape or scoop out earwax, debris, or foreign objects from the ear canal. Ear picks allow for controlled and careful removal while minimizing the risk of injury to the ear.Read More

Ear Needles Picks & Hooks
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