Tunning Forks

Introducing our range of high-quality tuning forks, essential tools for hearing assessment and diagnostic purposes in ENT care. Our tuning forks are trusted by doctors and audiologists worldwide for their accuracy and reliability.

They assist healthcare professionals in conducting hearing tests, such as the Weber and Rinne tests, helping identify hearing differences and the type of hearing loss a patient may have. Our comprehensive selection includes HARTMANN Tuning Forks made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

The LUCAE Tuning Fork, also in stainless steel, offers top-notch sound transmission for precise assessments. For specific medical applications, we offer Aluminium Tuning Forks with clamps, providing lightweight yet accurate sound vibrations.

At our manufacturing facility, we prioritize quality and precision, ensuring each tuning fork meets industry standards. With our range of tuning forks, healthcare professionals can deliver exceptional patient care, supporting overall ear health and well-being.

Tuning Forks
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Showing all 6 results