Bronchoscopy Forceps – With Double Action Jaws


Other Information

Brand Carnegie SurgicalĀ®
Specialty Bronchoscopy, ENT surgery
Material Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Surgical Grade
Sterility Non-sterile
Usage Reusable
Manufacturer Carnegie Surgical LLC
Latex Latex-free
Known by the numbers 10372H, 10372K, 10372HL, 10372JL, 10372KL, 10372LL, 10372UL, 10371H, 10371J, 10371K, 10371L, 10371P, 10371U, 10371HL, 10371KL, 10371LL, 10371UL, 10370H, 10370J, 10370K, 10370L, 10370M, 10370P, 10370U, 10370HL, 10370JL, 10370KL, 10370LL,