KLEINSASSER Operating Laryngoscopes


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    Fiber optic light guide carriers

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    Fiber optic light guide carriers

    Suction Tubes

    Injection Cannula

KLEINSASSER Operating laryngoscopes are also known as suspension laryngoscopes. These scopes are used to perform Microlaryngeal surgeries. They allow an ENT surgeon to perform complicated surgeries on the larynx and pharynx region through a small conical tube using a microscope.

KLEINSASSER operating laryngoscopes options and sizes

Standard Use for Size Working length
550-1317 Adult X-Large 6¾” (17 cm)
550-1313 Adult Large 6¾” (17 cm)
550-1312 Adult Medium 6¾” (17 cm)
550-1315 Adult Medium 7” (18 cm)
550-1316 Adult Medium 8¾” (22 cm)
550-1314 Adult Small 7” (18 cm)
550-1311 Children Small 6” (15 cm)
550-1318 infant Small 5” (13 cm)

KLEINSASSER operating laryngoscopes available in

  • Small (for use in infants, children, and small adults)
  • Medium (for use in adults in a variety of working lengths and diameters)
  • Large (for use in adults)
  • X-Large (for use in adults)

The customer chose different options according to his needs

The most commonly used models are the medium sizes for adults. We also offer special models like people with especially long necks or for difficult anatomical circumstances.

Accessories to choose from

You can use from a variety of accessories to assist your surgery and visualization like

  • Proximal fiber optic clip(s)
  • Fiber optic light guides with universal light cable adapters, available in 2 lengths
  • Suction tubes with LUER connector, available in 2 lengths
  • Injection cannula with LUER connector, available in 2 lengths

Other Information

Brand Carnegie Surgical®
Specialty Microlaryngology, ENT surgery
Material Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Surgical Grade
Sterility Non-sterile
Usage Reusable
Manufacturer Carnegie Surgical LLC
Latex Latex-free
Known by the numbers 8590A, 8590B, 62.001.40, 8590C, 62.001.45, 8590J, 62.001.55, 8590JL, 62.001.60, 8590DN, 62.001.50, 8590K, 62.001.65, 8590L, 62.001.70

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