MOLT Mouthgag


The MOLT Mouthgag is a versatile and essential tool for dental and oral procedures. It is expertly designed to keep the patient’s mouth open during surgeries, ensuring maximum oral cavity exposure and pharynx exposure. This not only facilitates easier operation but also minimizes the risk of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) trauma for sedated patients.

Our MOLT Mouthgag comes in two variants:

  • Mouthgag with Silicone Tips, Length 11 cm: This compact version of the MOLT Mouthgag is perfect for procedures requiring less space. The silicone tips ensure patient comfort while maintaining the functionality of the mouth gag.
  • Mouthgag with Silicone Tips, Length 14 cm: This longer version of the MOLT Mouthgag provides more space for complex procedures. Like its shorter counterpart, it also features silicone tips for patient comfort.

Both variants are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. They are designed with the needs of the modern dental professional in mind, offering reliability and efficiency in oral procedures.

Other Information

Brand Carnegie Surgical®
Specialty Maxillofacial & Oral surgery
Material Stainless Steel
Grade Premium Surgical Grade
Sterility Non-sterile
Usage Reusable
Manufacturer Carnegie Surgical LLC
Latex Latex-free

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